Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mandy Moore marries Ryan Adams. Really?

Mandy Moore. Oh, girl. You were so cute at first. I really thought you had a shot at taking down Britney and Christina Aguillera.
But now, after a series of misteps (remember America Dreamz?) she's tied the knot with singer/songwriter Ryan Adams, who's ten years her senior. 
Apparently, the twosome have been dating on and off for a year-and-a-half, and after a brief break, announced their engagement Feb. 11 — taking the plunge a month later in Savannah, GA of all places.
Now I understand Adams' attachment. She's young, gorgeous, and more of a mainstream star, than he's ever been. But her? UGH. I give it a year, tops. 

Check out Perez Hilton's take here, and OK! Magazine's here.

New York Times rips Jay from "The City"

In a recent article by the New York Times, Jay Lyon —Whitney's shaggy-haired love interest on MTV's "The City"— gets torn a new one. 
Check it out here. 
I was a little skeptical of the sound of Lyon's band "Tamarama" (anyone remember Chumba-Wumba?) when the cast on the show started dogging on the group before anyone else in America had a chance to. Not a good sign. 
In the live review of a recent show, the New York Times calls Lyon and his group "barely the sum of their influences: generous helpings of surf rock, with slight dashes of Hawaii and Carribean."
The NYT also notes the group's bubbly fans: "in front you see a dozen or so faithful fans —young women, mostly college-age—though what they're fans of is up for grabs." Ouch. 
The irony of the concert, was it was on a Monday in NYC, the same night The City airs on MTV.
"The concert ends around 10:20, just as Whitney -on TV- is bemoaning Jay's callousness...'he doesn't even have the decency to tell me, like, such a big thing in his life'...and you want her to know, hey, it's really not that big," the scathing article concludes. 
Damn, Jay. I hope you treat Whitney right. Everybody needs something to fall back on. 

Check out Tamarama's myspace page here. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Radiohead/Grammys: behind the scenes

The Grammys are never the "end all be all" music awards show for me. 
It usually seems overblown and phony. But in the last couple of years, they really have been packing on the live shows and upping their cred. 
The highlight of this year's pop-star drenched show was Radiohead, who came out with the University of Southern California (USC) marching band by their side. 
Check out their performance of "15 Step" here
Well, today some behind the scenes footage of the performance was uploaded to youtube for our viewing pleasure. Seen here.  
Watch Thom Yorke fuss about snare drums as the USC college kids are eager to listen.
Takes me back to my college days when our marching band performed with JC Chasez...