Saturday, March 7, 2009

Depp and Bale in new Dillinger biopic

Ok, when I first saw this preview while I was eagerly awaiting "The Watchmen" to start, I wasn't able to give it my full attention. 
This lady was beating the sh*t out of her kid in the row in front of us and it was making me a little uncomfortable. 
But even then, I knew this movie looked like it was going to be the
"Public Enemies" -bad title, great-looking movie - is the new period-piece gangster flick from director Michael Mann opening July 1. The trailer (seen here) follows Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, a depression era bank robber seen then as a Robin Hood type, who achieved celebrity status in newspapers.
Christian Bale steps in - midwestern accent in tow - as the cop who's going to try and bring the flashy criminal in. 
The whole film is shot with the same grainy-digital look that Mann has perfected over the years with movies like "Miami Vice" and "Collateral." 
Seriously, when I first saw Brad Pitt sporting the 1930s mustache and short hair after Benjamin Button wrapped, I thought it was a little weird. 
But when Depp does it as Dillinger, it makes this quasi-depression we are facing nowadays, look almost glamorous. 

*Our Hollywood correspondent, EG23, just let us know Brad Pitt is sporting the debonaire mustache for his new movie "Inglorious Bastards," directed by Quentin Tarantino. 

Ghostface Killah offers advice to Rhianna

It seems like everybody is talking about Rhianna and Chris Brown these days. We've all got our opinions and apparently, so does ex-Wu wordsmith: Ghostface Killah.
In his new track "Message From Ghostface," (available here) Ghost offers some raps of wisdom for Rhianna and some very specific medical references. I think I'll just let Ghosts' trademark lyrical wit speak for itself...
The funky joint - featuring Novel - kicks off with a short monologue from the smokey-voiced Ghostface:
"This is for all my women out there gettin' beat up in the streets...Rhianna." 
Beats drop and then he takes us back through the good, innocent times: 
"In the beginning it was real good, he sexed you right, held you close in the bed real tight." 
Ahhhh the imagery. But Dr. Ghost can't help but rise to the surface:
"Been four months since your last period came...your last man had you opened up like a pap smear." EEEWWWWWWW!
And as if Rhianna hasn't already had enough public embarassment, we've got to take a trip to her Gyno's office, mid-session? Sorry girl. You're still cute to us. 
To wrap it all up though, Ghost does put himself in place and offers up a timeless nugget of advice:
"I ain't here to interfere, but...protect ya neck."
If only Rhianna had been listening to Ghostface when she was riding in Chris Brown's ferrari that fateful night. Maybe we'd be writing about Ellen and Portia instead. 

New St. Vincent track: "The Strangers"

To promote Actor, due out May 5, ethereal songstress St. Vincent has released "The Strangers," a little dreamy preview of what's to come - available here. 
The song starts out with a faux gothic choir-sound that made me think of Home Alone for some reason, right before Kevin has to fight the burglars. 
Anyway, St. Vincent - the mysterious French sounding girl that is actually from Dallas - begins describing random things while a kick drum pulses a' la some rave in 1996.
"Desperate don't look good on you, neither does your virtue..." she croons just after a breathy verse about playboys being left around a messy apartment, I think? 
I get the sense it's an ode to an Ex. Or a messy roommate at the very least. 
The song builds, a strange symphonic loop comes in and out -reminiscent of an old Disney movie according to Gorilla Vs. Bear -  and right when you think it's gonna taper off, a very mean guitar comes in and gets things rocking. It's so dirty there for a minute that the acoustic guitar and almost-French accordion afterwards, seem like a breath of fresh air. 
Like St. Vincent herself just opened a window in a wooden cottage onto a flowery knoll with little animated chipmunks and pissed off elves. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Jacko to play London w/ possible new tour

In what has been described as his "final curtain call," controversial entertainer Michael Jackson announced Thursday that he will play 10 concerts in London at the O2 arena.
 The shows, Jackson's first in 12 years, will kick off July 8 at the 20,000 capacity venue. 
Jackson held a press conference at the arena Thursday to make the announcement. 
"These will be my final shows performing in London. 'This is It' really means this is it," Jackson told fans and press, while wearing his trademark military get-up. "I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. I'll see you in July and I love you so much."
Tickets for the show will cost anywhere from 50-75 pounds, almost twice that in U.S. dollars. 
It may come as no surprise to some that Jackson is making a comeback jaunt amid terrible financial woes. A few months back, Jackson was sued - and settled out of court - by a business partner, and his Neverland Ranch is now on the auction block. 
Rob Hallett, promoter for the event, said "We are delighted to facillitate the return of the King of Pop, long may he reign!"
Which is a little confusing since it's his "final curtain call." 
Ever hear the one about Jackson's new department store? They've got kids' pants half-off. 
Sorry Jacko, it was too hard to resist. 

New Video: Bonnie Prince Billy "I Am Goodbye"

Will Oldham - or as he affectionately refers to himself - Bonnie "Prince" Billy, is hard at work on his new album Beware, due out March 17 in the United States. 
In the meantime, to promote the thing in between a handful of live shows in Kentucky and Brazil (this dude seriously gets around) he's released a new video for the song "I Am Goodbye" seen here. 
The video pits Oldham (or Billy?) against the backdrop of what appears to be the streets of L.A. at sunset, intermingled with a few choice dissolves of the Californian coast. 
Oldham wanders the streets, with his beard at dizzying lengths, like a crazy vagabond on acid - all while donning a shirt reminiscent of the former Soviet Union, or an Islamic mosque. 
Seriously though, check out the dude's eyes. The last time my eyes were that big, I was curled up in the fetal position on my mattress swearing to God I'd never touch psychedelics again. 
The song is a standard country-infused medley that Oldham has perfected so well over the years. Lying just under the surface is a very "flangery" lead guitar part that seems to echo the warbly feelings in the mysterious man's head. 
Oldham walks the streets proudly proclaiming "you are hello, I am goodbye.." as little kids run by and the unique song spinner hops, skips and jumps around town. 
Makes me miss my beard. Damn you Gillette

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wayne Coyne calls Arcade Fire "pricks"

Flaming Lips front man -Wayne Coyne- fresh off his band's song "Do You Realize?" being named Oklahoma's official rock song, decided to celebrate by dishing on a few indie celebs, most notably Arcade Fire. 
In a recent Rolling Stone interview Coyne let the mag know how he really felt about the Canadian-via-Texas rockers, who at first glance seem to be very sensitive chaps. 
"I'm a fan of them on one level, but on another level I get really tired of their pompousness. we've played some shows with them and they really treat people like shit. Whenever I've been around them, I've found that they not only treated their crew like shit, they treated the audience like shit...I don't care if it's Arcade Fire or Brian Eno. If either of them walked into a room and treated people like shit, I'd be like, 'Fuck you, get outta here'..."
Jeez. Let us know how you really feel Wayne. 
However, it seems that Coyne has a habit of critiquing his fellow rockers and this wasn't the first time. 
In 2003, Coyne spoke to the Guardian about Beck, a former tour mate. 
"It's a total devastation to know that he's not a relaxed Californian stoner. When you hear his songs, you think he really must have some tender feelings, but then you find out it's a made-up thing."
And on Radiohead, in the same article:
"The Radiohead thing - we're famous but we don't want to be famous - is odd. We love playing music but we're too weird to play music."
In the meantime, we at Reverb will continue jamming "Fight Test" praying for the day when Coyne and Arcade front man Win Butler duke it out with huge green plastic fists. 

Phoenix release new album cover and single

It appears Phoenix are back to their old tricks with "1901" the newly released single off their much anticipated new album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" available here. 
The song recalls the dance-grooves of the band's earlier records, while still retaining the driving Strokes feel of 2006's "It's Never  Been Like That", a brilliant homage' to minimalism a' la Gay Paris'. 
And today Phoenix dropped the bomb (pardon the pun) on rock fans everywhere by releasing - via the internet - the cover to their new record (seen above) due out in the states May 26. 
The wartime motif is fairly obvious from the get-go, with pastel explosives falling onto what appears to be either New Mexico or Colorado.
What this means for Americans is anyone's guess. Is Phoenix starting a U.S. tour in the Rocky Mountains? Is this album so hot that it's going to "blow up" the music scene? Or is France about to engage in some musical Hiroshima on a ski resort? 
While fans ponder the Andy Warhol-esque artwork, you'll be happy to know that the band has also now released a multi-track version of "1901" (available on the same site) to encourage fans to re-work what is quickly becoming a vintage Phoenix rocker...
Tracklist for WolfGang Amadeus Phoenix:
01 Lisztomania
02 1901
03 Fences
04 Love Like A Sunset Pt. 1
05 Love Like A Sunset Pt. 2
06 Lasso
07 Rome
08 Countdown
09 Girlfriend
10 Armistice 

Doves announce U.S. tour

It's been four years since Doves, one of Manchester's greatest exports, have been stateside and now they are making their way back on a newly announced U.S. tour. 
The tour, in support of soon-to-be released "Kingdom of Rust", kicks off in San Diego at the House of Blues on May 14 and finishes up in Boston on June 7 at err, the House of Blues... yet again. 
Maybe the Doves were recently sponsored by  Dan Akroyd and his infamous restaurant/concert hall chain? One can only guess. 
If you haven't already heard "Jetstream" the first song to be released off the new album, we highly recommend downloading it from the band's official Web site: 
The song pulses like an evil-dance track that seriously opens up about two minutes in...
"Kingdom of Rust", the title track, is by far a classic Doves hymn, echoing their past hit "There Goes the Fear". 
A recently released video for the song features a very English-looking gent driving the country side in search of a place to throw what appears to be ashes. And with the quick flashbacks of childhood, it's an easy stretch to assume the urn contains one of the character's parents. 
Seriously, if your Dad just died, you may cry like a baby during this remarkable video, seen here. 
But don't be expecting to see the Doves in the southern states anytime soon, unfortunately they are sticking to both coasts and the north. Start booking those tickets to L.A. asap!
Doves tour dates:
05/14 San Diego, CA - House of Blues
05/15 Anaheim, CA- House of Blues
05/16 Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern
05/18 San Francisco, CA - The Filmore
05/19 Eugene, OR - McDonald Theater
05/21 Vancouver, BC - Commodore Ballroom
05/22 Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
05/23 George, WA - Sasquatch! Festival 
05/26 Denver, CO - Gothic Theater
05/28 Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theater
05/29 Chicago, IL - Vic Theater
05/30 Detroit, MI - Majestic Theater
06/01 Toronto, ON Kool Haus
06/02 Montreal, QC - Le National
06/04 New York, NY - Terminal 5
06/05 Philadelphia, PA - The Trocadero
06/06 Washington, D.C. - 9.30 Club
06/07 Boston, MA - House of Blues