Friday, March 6, 2009

New Video: Bonnie Prince Billy "I Am Goodbye"

Will Oldham - or as he affectionately refers to himself - Bonnie "Prince" Billy, is hard at work on his new album Beware, due out March 17 in the United States. 
In the meantime, to promote the thing in between a handful of live shows in Kentucky and Brazil (this dude seriously gets around) he's released a new video for the song "I Am Goodbye" seen here. 
The video pits Oldham (or Billy?) against the backdrop of what appears to be the streets of L.A. at sunset, intermingled with a few choice dissolves of the Californian coast. 
Oldham wanders the streets, with his beard at dizzying lengths, like a crazy vagabond on acid - all while donning a shirt reminiscent of the former Soviet Union, or an Islamic mosque. 
Seriously though, check out the dude's eyes. The last time my eyes were that big, I was curled up in the fetal position on my mattress swearing to God I'd never touch psychedelics again. 
The song is a standard country-infused medley that Oldham has perfected so well over the years. Lying just under the surface is a very "flangery" lead guitar part that seems to echo the warbly feelings in the mysterious man's head. 
Oldham walks the streets proudly proclaiming "you are hello, I am goodbye.." as little kids run by and the unique song spinner hops, skips and jumps around town. 
Makes me miss my beard. Damn you Gillette

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  1. The symbol on his shirt is from the Turkish flag.