Saturday, March 7, 2009

New St. Vincent track: "The Strangers"

To promote Actor, due out May 5, ethereal songstress St. Vincent has released "The Strangers," a little dreamy preview of what's to come - available here. 
The song starts out with a faux gothic choir-sound that made me think of Home Alone for some reason, right before Kevin has to fight the burglars. 
Anyway, St. Vincent - the mysterious French sounding girl that is actually from Dallas - begins describing random things while a kick drum pulses a' la some rave in 1996.
"Desperate don't look good on you, neither does your virtue..." she croons just after a breathy verse about playboys being left around a messy apartment, I think? 
I get the sense it's an ode to an Ex. Or a messy roommate at the very least. 
The song builds, a strange symphonic loop comes in and out -reminiscent of an old Disney movie according to Gorilla Vs. Bear -  and right when you think it's gonna taper off, a very mean guitar comes in and gets things rocking. It's so dirty there for a minute that the acoustic guitar and almost-French accordion afterwards, seem like a breath of fresh air. 
Like St. Vincent herself just opened a window in a wooden cottage onto a flowery knoll with little animated chipmunks and pissed off elves. 

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