Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ghostface Killah offers advice to Rhianna

It seems like everybody is talking about Rhianna and Chris Brown these days. We've all got our opinions and apparently, so does ex-Wu wordsmith: Ghostface Killah.
In his new track "Message From Ghostface," (available here) Ghost offers some raps of wisdom for Rhianna and some very specific medical references. I think I'll just let Ghosts' trademark lyrical wit speak for itself...
The funky joint - featuring Novel - kicks off with a short monologue from the smokey-voiced Ghostface:
"This is for all my women out there gettin' beat up in the streets...Rhianna." 
Beats drop and then he takes us back through the good, innocent times: 
"In the beginning it was real good, he sexed you right, held you close in the bed real tight." 
Ahhhh the imagery. But Dr. Ghost can't help but rise to the surface:
"Been four months since your last period came...your last man had you opened up like a pap smear." EEEWWWWWWW!
And as if Rhianna hasn't already had enough public embarassment, we've got to take a trip to her Gyno's office, mid-session? Sorry girl. You're still cute to us. 
To wrap it all up though, Ghost does put himself in place and offers up a timeless nugget of advice:
"I ain't here to interfere, but...protect ya neck."
If only Rhianna had been listening to Ghostface when she was riding in Chris Brown's ferrari that fateful night. Maybe we'd be writing about Ellen and Portia instead. 

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