Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phoenix release new album cover and single

It appears Phoenix are back to their old tricks with "1901" the newly released single off their much anticipated new album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" available here. 
The song recalls the dance-grooves of the band's earlier records, while still retaining the driving Strokes feel of 2006's "It's Never  Been Like That", a brilliant homage' to minimalism a' la Gay Paris'. 
And today Phoenix dropped the bomb (pardon the pun) on rock fans everywhere by releasing - via the internet - the cover to their new record (seen above) due out in the states May 26. 
The wartime motif is fairly obvious from the get-go, with pastel explosives falling onto what appears to be either New Mexico or Colorado.
What this means for Americans is anyone's guess. Is Phoenix starting a U.S. tour in the Rocky Mountains? Is this album so hot that it's going to "blow up" the music scene? Or is France about to engage in some musical Hiroshima on a ski resort? 
While fans ponder the Andy Warhol-esque artwork, you'll be happy to know that the band has also now released a multi-track version of "1901" (available on the same site) to encourage fans to re-work what is quickly becoming a vintage Phoenix rocker...
Tracklist for WolfGang Amadeus Phoenix:
01 Lisztomania
02 1901
03 Fences
04 Love Like A Sunset Pt. 1
05 Love Like A Sunset Pt. 2
06 Lasso
07 Rome
08 Countdown
09 Girlfriend
10 Armistice 

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