Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jenny Lewis spring/summer tour

In support of her new album, Acid Tongue, the intoxicating songtress Jenny Lewis, will travel from Australia to Hawaii — to all over the U.S. this spring and summer. 
Check out Lewis' official myspace page here, to look for dates near you. 
The Rilo Kiley singer has teamed with the Watson Twins as well in the past, but her new album — in which she stands on her on two feet — is arguably her best work yet. 
If you don't have Acid Tongue, seriously buy it and play it the next time you have a date over. The record seals the deal every time, guaranteed. 
Recording sessions for the album were filmed for the soon-to-be released documentary, Welcome to Van Nuys. 

Here's Rilo Kiley's myspace page too — for good measure. 

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